Assessment Task 2

(Task 1 was the PQE Data Analysis)

AIM: To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the idea of ecotourism.
TASK: This will be completed in class over two periods (1 x 75, 1 x 50)
You are to construct a response (hand written) of approximately 500-1000 words, to the statement below.
Ensure you follow the conventions of essay writing, that is, an introduction, paragraphs addressing one main point, and a conclusion that effectively closes your essay.
Analyse the following statement: “The tourism industry in Antarctica is running the risk of destroying its main attraction – the natural environment. Discuss”

Tourism in Antarctica, Links:
Newspaper article
info sheet 1 (pdf)
Tourism finally restricted
Info sheet 2

Lesson 26/10/09

Use this website answer the questions below.
Answer in FULL sentences.
  1. There are two groups of visitors who have an impact on Antarctica. Who are they?
  2. Percentage wise, how many more tourists when to Antarctica in 2007, compared to 2006?
  3. Why are tourists to Antarctica described as “high impact”?
  4. Describe the problems relating to the tour ships which visit Antarctica
  5. What is the IAATO and what does it do?
  6. List two threats from tourism in Antarctica, one from larger tour operators and one from smaller tour operators.
  7. How many people go to Antarctica as tourists and where do they come from?
  8. List the top four countries from which most visitors to Antarctica come.
  9. What do tourists do once they are in Antarctica? List the top four activities of tourists in Antarctica

HOMEWORK for Tuesday 20th of October

2. What influences tourists to visit a certain location?
Make a list in your workbook.
To get ideas, go to this site:
(Go to this section on the site: "Factors that impact upon tourism, Click on each image to see a larger copy. What factor do you think each image is representing?")

Please note: The "PQE Data Analysis" test will be moved to Wednesday the 21st, it will give us longer to prepare and it is a 75 minutes period.

Lesson 14/10/09 + 15/10/09

Activity 1: PQE:

Use the map of “International Tourism Receipts in 2004” (page 254 Jacaranda atlas) to write a PQE analysis.
  • What is the pattern of International Tourism Receipts in 2004? (For instance: The countries with the highest amount of tourism receipts are located ……. (Look at the lines of latitude)
  • Quantify it: Give the $$ for two high countries and choose two low ones, you can also mention that some countries have no data.
  • Exception: You could pick several exceptions, for instance, find exceptional countries in the band between the arctic circle and the Tropic of cancer. Or look outside this band and pick countries which fall in different latitudes. Name the countries.

Activity 2: Answering guiding question

Write this in your workbook:
1. What impact does tourism have on different regions of the world?

Make a table: Advantages of tourism / Disadvantages of tourism.
Work together to list adv and disadv. Be ready to read some out in class.

Lesson 07/10/09

Please download these sheets.
Write the questions in your workbook from this sheet: world-tourism.pdf


Use these maps to answer the questions:
Page254 Jacaranda ATlas 6th.pdf
Page255 Jacaranda ATlas 6th.pdf

Map Games

Easy map games (Good to start off with)
New free rice map game

Interesting sites:
Tourism in Antartica:
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