The Renaissance

In class you will be given a booklet which will prepare you for your exam.
Here is a link to a site which provides a great overview:

Lesson 23/11/09

How does exploration change societies?

The fall of the Aztecs:

Lesson 19/11/09

You need to know about trade in the Renaissance. For instance:
  • What products did the traders and explorers take back from their travels? (page 96)
  • What is Humanism?
  • Why do you think the Church felt so threatened by Humanism?

Answers to the questions above are in page 96 - 102 which by now you should have read.

Today we will read page 104 - 106:
Answer these questions in full sentences in your workbook:
  1. How did the discoveries of new lands change Europe?
  2. How did Europeans see the world beyond their own known world?
  3. List technological advances which contributes to the success of the renaissance explorers.
  4. Why did the Portuguese want to find a sea route to China?
  5. Describe who Christopher Columbus was.
  6. Describe the effects Columbus’ travels on Spanish society.
  7. Look at source 4.27. Describe the voyages of the following explorers:
    1. Columbus
    2. Magellan
    3. De Gama

Lesson 18/11/09

Read this text:
In 100 words, write down: Magellan was ......
Now do research on the Nasa website, and find out the link between NASA and Magellan.
In 100 words, write down: Magellan is .....
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