Apartheid / Nelson Mandela

Apartheid is an Afrikaans/Dutch word (yes, I know....unfortunately this is a Dutch word everyone knows....) which means "separateness". (Apart = separate, -heid= -ness)From 1948 till 1994 "apartheid" was the official government policy in South Africa, where black people where kept separate from the small white minority. Apartheid finally came to an end after a long struggle when Nelson Mandela became the first black prime minister in 1994.This week we will study the civil rights struggle in South Africa which ended Apartheid.

Lesson Wednesday 03/06/09:

Download worksheet, complete questions in class, otherwise as homework:
Handout South Africa Apartheid.pdf
When done, write 300 words, download this sheet: What is apartheid.doc

This is homework for Thursday 04/06/09

Vocab games:

Time Magazine, 1985

We will watch this video in class:

(Large version: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6343784518626528037)

Anti-apartheid music

Lesson Thursday 04/06/09

In the 1980s there were many artists who protested against apartheid.
Download the lyrics anti-apartheid songs.doc.
Read the lyrics while you listen and answer the questions.

Song 1:

Free Nelson Mandela (by the Special AKA), 1984

Song 2:

1988, Joanna, Eddie Grant

Song 3:

This song is called "Sun City", from 1985. By Artists United Against Apartheid

Videos about Nelson Mandela

Mandela's first interview on TV in 1961

BBC News: Nelson Mandela released from prison:
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